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Together for Social Rights: yes we can! | Step4inclusion
01 apr

Together for Social Rights: yes we can!


The International Meeting ” Together for Social Rights” took place in Strasbourg from 24/02-03/03/2013 in the Youth Department of Council of Europe, financed by the Council of Europe.

During the meeting, 38 representatives from local government units and NGO members (mainly youth leaders) had chance to get to know each other better, establish cooperation and work together firstly :
1. To understand the concept of Social Rights for young people coming from disadvantaged areas and more precisely we were informed for the European Revised Chapter for Social Rights;
2. We had chance to get familiar with the roots and beginnings of the Network and the previous ENTER project , how it started, what was the initial aim of the network and how actually the network enlarged.
3. We were introduced and informed for the concept of Amnesty International work in the field of social rights of young people and how to prepare good campaign for promoting the social rights.
4. Moreover, we have been working in groups with members from different countries and different backgroungs (representatives of local authorities and NGO) in order better to understand each other and our approaches of work, where we have to improve the cooperation and where we have to work from the beginning.
5. The representatives of NGO had chance to learn new tools and approaches of work for Lobbying and Advocacy for social rights in order to come closer and influence on local authorities. In the same time or parallel the local authorities where working on mobilizing resources and knowledge how to engage youth participation and motivation for their activities. It was of great importance to get familiarize with the 2 different ways of work of the different stakeholders and trying to get them closer to each other with purpose to make the social rights closer to the young people and those coming from disadvantaged communities.
6. We had chance to established new partnership and enlarged our network of potential partners and collaborators in the field of social inclusion and promoting social rights in local community contexts and even more on international level.

Step4inclusion is official partner of the Network and from now on it will be responsible for preparing local activities for promotion of the social rights in the local communities and trying to establish better and stronger relations with the local communities representatives. We already establish cooperation with Centro Interculturale Zonarelli in Bologna and we agreed that we should further develop the cooperation on more concrete activities and long term bases. Step4inclusion board member will be part of the coordination body of the network and directly working on the future steps on the network, applying for future activities and projects.

We invite everybody to participate to the network, by following the website of Youth Social Rights Network and its Facebook group and to join it !